SEO platform We have a great SEO management platform for each page and each post on our websites, virtual stores and apps, as well as a complete platform for monitoring keywords and ranking developments as well as monitoring competitors.
Being in the top positions of Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo will surely make all the difference for you to have an extraordinary audience and generate leads for your company, blog or online store.

With our experience of more than 23 years, and working with more than 2000 clients, we confirm that SEO work is definitely one of the main processes that must be executed in your WEB project.

The SEO work must be continuous, and at certain times a complete audit of your project should be carried out to assess changes or failures.

This audit is necessary because Google and the other indexers change their algorithms and this can damage their positioning. This way you need to know our complete Audit that we carry out on your website.

We use the best SEO professionals and sophisticated tools resulting from years of experience and development in Brazil and Europe. We were able to identify all the problems that are hurting the expected results. Our SEO audit always acts that you want improvements in your website’s positions.

And it is a sophisticated procedure that will give you detailed reports for adjustments such as: In addition to reviewing page titles, tags and other fundamental information, we evaluate the speed of your website how to optimize your website’s source codes, and adjustments that should be made to the mobile display of your web project.

The Audit performs all procedures in order to improve the performance and positioning of your website. After the due evaluations we will deliver a complete technical report with all the positive points, and the points that must be improved so that your web project is in evidence in Google and other search engines.
SEO Consulting .

The main objective of our SEO Consultancy is: SEO platform To increase the number of visits to your website and with more audience, we will have more business and more customers making contact with your business.

The consultancy is a MIX of very high quality Services focused on analyzing factors such as:

Complete analysis of your business and profile of your target audience, evaluating the keywords, your website itself with our complete audit, identifying what is hampering the display on the first pages.